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Reiki Okeden - Inner Teachings W3

Updated: Jun 17

Week 3 - Time to listen: 1. Time to meet Frans, he is a very important Master in your linage. He is a great public speaker and has written volumes of books on the system of Reiki. He has dedicated his life to restoring the original teachings. He has to be careful about how he broaches that with others but when he speaks people hear the original teachings as Usui taught them. Audio: Reflect on Frans' talk about Reiki, what things do you take home from his talk? Give a response in the comments.

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W3, Listening to Frans

The concept that Reiki is a state of mind and heart resonates with me. Frans says 'the practice of the system of Reiki is infusing it in life so life becomes Reiki, and Reiki becomes life' clicks with me. And... calming the mind.....

Mi piace
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