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Ebb & Flow Studio Art

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About us, About you

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde.

Sometimes we all need a little encouragement that being ourselves is the best thing we can be. There is no one in the world quite like you—you are special and unique just for being born! So this is not an about us page, but an about you page. If you are a student of Ebb & Flow Studio and you would like to share your story please let us know.

Image by Christian Wiediger


Has been with the studio learning visual arts for almost 5 years. Graduating with top scores in visual arts, photography and multi media she is now following a professional career in photography and digital imaging at Torrens University.

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Image by Kelly Sikkema


Starting at around age 12 with Ebb & Flow Studio and progressing over 4 years, Sarah has gone from strength to strength, wowing us with her work in all media from drawing, painting and design. She is set to do well in her future studies and career.

Image by @felipepelaquim


Answering the call to be creative Carly has developed a new lens on life. Finding ways to express herself, record cherished moments, and create a vision. Carley is creating her authentic story through the exciting mixed media process of art journaling.

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Sophia is a natural! She lets her creativity flow in every lesson of primary art. A great young talent, she likes to give her unique style to every project. They say art is very immersive and for Sophia this is so. She is keen to join the high-school group soon.

Image by Gustavo Leighton


Fiona is enjoying meeting like minded people, and finds the Watercolour Calm class emotionally soothing and grounding. She says she always finishes the class with a sense of achievement and some artworks she feels proud of.

Image by Nicu Aboaice


Taking a break from work to focus on health, Tracey has dived right into the world of Art. Discovering her years in fashion and design are helping her to create beautiful oil paintings. Painting for the first time has been scary but rewarding.

Image by Aaron Burden


With her focus on her family, her grandchildren and her small business, Sue is balancing her life by adding some me time. Sue has turned her hand to drawing, painting in oils/acrylic/watercolour, printmaking... everything, and loving it!

Image by Nicola Nuttall


Merv is using his early retirement to do art for the first time. Merv is an inspiration to the Wednesday art group that are all connecting with new found creative skills and new friendships. Take Merv's advice and give it a go!

Image by Sarah Brown


When she told her dad she would like to do art he set about finding her a class where she could learn art. Needless to say Abbey shines with everything she tries in the high-school group. Beautiful artworks! And well done dad for supporting her dreams.

Image by Remy_Loz


Jane is enjoying some me time painting with watercolour again but picking up lots of new tips and tricks. She says the calm and positive atmosphere that Tracey creates is a perfect match for the fluid and soothing nature of watercolours.

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