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Reiki Okeden - Inner Teachings W2

Updated: Jun 17

Week 2 - Time to practice: 1. Your Meditation practice this week will be Seishin Toitsu Ho Meditation. Try to do 5 times this week. Audio: Reflect on Seishin Toitsu Ho, what did it feel like? Give a response in the comments.

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Practising Seishin Toitsu twice a day warmed up my hands fairly quickly, even in cold mornings. My connection from hands to hara and back was linear at first. However, this changed and is now circular, flowing and expanding. This was guided by Maria Kammerer on Youtube.

Unfortunately, I have difficulty accessing a specific track with  Ginny Mackles' MP3 from my mobile phone. For now,  I can only listen to the entire CD.

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