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Painting Easels


Our phiosophy is: “More smiling, less worrying. More compassion, less judgment. More blessed, less stressed. More love, less hate, Be kind to yourself and others”.

See below our material list 
and terms and conditions

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Material List



Student grade materials:
Mont Marte oil paints in
primary colours plus black and white minimum.
2. Variety of brushes in the Mont Marte range that are labeled suitable for oils. Long handles are recommended.
3. Canvases as required.
4. Medium Art Spectrum or Mont Marte = linseed oil and odourless solvent.




Student grade materials:
1. Mont Marte satin acrylic paints in primary colours, plus black and white minimum.
2. Variety of brushes in the Mont Marte range that are labeled suitable for acrylics. Short handles are recommended.
3. Canvases or paper as required.


25i4re1yyzk-500x500 2.jpg


Student grade materials:
1. Reeves watercolour tubes 18 pack (made by Windsor Newton). 
2. Variety of brushes in the Mont Marte range that are labeled suitable for watercolours. 
3. Reeves watercolour paper A4/A3 as required
4. A travel paint palette Mont Marte
5. Masking tape.


Mixed Media

Student grade materials:
1. Jane Davenport layer-cake paint tray in ice-cream (rainbow is optional). Plus build your acrylic paint supplies as you go.
2. Variety of brushes in the Mont Marte range that are labeled suitable for acrylics. short handles are recommended.
3. Strathmore Watercolour Journal or Jane D brand.

Image by Elena Mozhvilo

Short Courses

Short courses and special classes come up from time to time and require materials based on the project.

However, often material are included in the cost so please take note of the information provided in the course outline.


Art of painting

Kids Classes

All materials are provided for the full term in the kids and youth classes. You will need a visual art diary from the art shop or discount shop for HIGH-SCHOOL CLASSES ONLY.

Aprons are recommended but are often seen as uncool. An art t-shirt maybe the better option or wear clothing that is suitable.


All Adult Classes Require

1. Nappy wipes
2. Paper-towel
3. A tool tote or basket

Do not bring equipment in bags, why because it poses a trip hazard or someone may step on your bag resulting in loss of expensive equipment and spillage of chemicals. Instead bring a tool tote or basket.

Screen Shot 2022-11-26 at 4.38_edited.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-11-26 at 4.37.11 am.png
Screen Shot 2022-11-26 at 4.35.43 am.png

Brush Guide

For Acrylics: Gallery Series for Acrylics made by Mont Marte are affordable quality student brushes. You can buy a few packs giving you great variety. Buy short handles.

For Oils: Gallery Series for Oils made by Mont Marte are affordable quality student brushes. You can buy a few packs giving you great variety. Buy long handles.

For Watercolours: Natural Bristles Watercolour Wallet Set, made by Mont Marte are affordable quality student brushes and ready for travel. Please also purchase an airtight watercolour travel palette. Watercolours are so versatile for location painting and taking on holidays.

Screen Shot 2022-12-02 at 11.19.03 am.png
Screen Shot 2022-12-02 at 11.33.03 am.png
Screen Shot 2022-12-02 at 11.24.49 am.png

Terms and Conditions

At Ebb & Flow Studio we are committed to protecting the safety and well-being of all people. To do this, we ask that every student adheres to our Code of Conduct and all Policies. Violations will result in action including notice and or cancellation.

Read Child Safe Policy


Ebb & Flow Studio does not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, national or ethnic origin, ancestry, age, religion or religious creed, disability or handicap, sex or gender, gender identity and/or expression, sexual orientation, military or veteran status, genetic information, or any other characteristic protected under applicable federal, state or local law.

We have a zero-tolerance policy against threats or intimidation, stalking, bullying or verbal abuse, gestures of a violent or inappropriate nature, sexual harassment, physical assault, or any other behaviour that creates a hostile environment.

Ebb and Flow Studio is an inclusive space and needs to feel safe for both teachers and students. Please note that passive aggressive behaviour also creates hostility. We ask that students are aware of indicators such as:
1. backhanded compliments,
2. playing the victim,
3. procrastination,
4. excluding people,
5. brooding and simmering,
6. sabotage,
7. sullen behaviour
8. shifting responsibility
9. laying blame

10. dumping on others

11. drawing other students into personal issues

12. negativity 

These are all example of behaviours that are not okay. Notice or cancellation will proceed if this is seen as ongoing behaviour.


Sometimes students are going through difficulties and need extra support so in these cases we suggest one-to-one art therapy rather than inclusion in a group situation. This is particularly the case for anyone experiencing acute mental health issues, in order to ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone involved.

Everyone deserves to feel safe and valued.

Our philosophy is: “More smiling, less worrying. More compassion, less judgment. More blessed, less stressed. More love, less hate, Be kind to yourself and others”.

Be kind and courteous to everyone, and follow instructions issued by facilitators and studio assistants. Be mindful not to challenge the facilitator or instruct other students.

Disruptive behaviour that distracts from learning, art-making or the Studio’s day-to-day operations is not allowed. This includes tardiness (the act of being late regularly or often). 

Students are not to bring or use products/materials that are not requested in the materials list.
Reasoning - in kids/youth classes materials are supplied and when student introduce their own materials often studio equipment goes missing.
Reasoning - in adult classes many art/creative materials include chemicals and thus can pose a risk to health.

For example: a student (more than) once attended an art class and brought along a box of chemicals such as methylated spirits, turpentine, kerosene, oils, etc and wanted to mix these in the class for experimentation. This is not only a health and safety issue but is highly dangerous. Please note: even the use of turpentine is not allowed in the studio and all students will be briefed on safe handling of materials. This must be taken seriously and adhered to.

Do not bring equipment in bags, why because it poses a trip hazard or someone may step on your bag resulting in loss of expensive equipment and spillage of chemicals which could pose a health risk or damage to the studio. If you ignore this rule you maybe liable for damages. 


The studio is a space for beginners and learners to build confidence with foundational art skills. Respectfully if a professional artist seeks tuition they will be directed to a master class or to one-to-one tuition - a master class is a small class for advanced students.

Ebb & Flow Studio is a learning space it is not a space to promote or solicit. "NO SOLICITATION LAWS APPLY". If you wish to share something that relates to promoting a product, service, business, exhibition etc… seek permission from the facilitator.


Ebb & Flow Studio does not encourage a competitive or status driven environment. Everyone has the right to be creative without judgment or questioning or competitive behaviour.

Respect our space. Vandalism or theft of studio equipment or materials may result in immediate cancellation or prosecution.

Smoking is not permitted in the building/premises or within 10 metres of any entrance.


Entrepreneurs and others soliciting business must ensure they do so legally. "No Solicitation" means entrepreneurs and others must avoid soliciting there. Groups cannot be formed by soliciting customers away from the main business. The purpose of one-to-one art therapy for Ebb & Flow customers is for inclusion. NDIS clients, art therapy clients and others that are otherwise isolated. These are subject to individual service agreements and availability and must be open and transparent with the studio.

From time to time a replacement teacher may step in to teach a class. Please appreciate that it is difficult for them to pick up mid stream therefore, if the teacher experiences unfriendly or hostile behaviour during or after the session then a student or students, may have their classes cancelled and may not be permitted to return. Teachers are only absent in the event of sickness or compassionate leave.


Fees will be kept up to date. If you are in arrears you will be asked to bring fees up to date or you may be asked to cease classes. You will need to secure your space from term to term within the stated cut off dates. Which is generally the last day of the term unless the New Year/Christmas period, however the cut date off is always stated. After the cut off date spaces must be forfeited to next inline. A variety of payment options are available so that no one is disadvantaged. This is part of our inclusion policy. These include: PayPal, PayPal Pay-in-4, Credit or Debit via online Square payment. Please do not ask for individual arrangements outside of these options as we have around 100 students and all payments need to fit in with our fee structure and equitable terms. 


Regarding Photography, Kerry-Anne and teachers scaffold all students youth and adults to be successful. Teachers often co-paint to show techniques. It is important to show examples of artworks achieved in the studio under tuition. We will always ask if we can take photos of their faces and artworks. Photos taken in the studio of adult students at work and their artworks are intended for promotion of the studio only. If you would prefer your photo, or a photo of your artwork is not taken then please decline  when asked. Kerry-Anne and teachers will not show photos of children’s faces, only their artworks. She will not name the student or show faces unless it is a special promotional photo and parent permission is sort in writing.

Intellectual property - Kerry-Anne at Ebb & Flow Studio has the intellectual property, rights to all business materials and creations/ designed under the brand ie: website, lesson plans, samples., business identity, promotional content,.. These are all the intellectual property of Kerry-Anne at Ebb & Flow Studio Art. Facilitators always give full credit to other artists that may be studied for art history and art appreciation.


Artworks must be originals in order for students to sign, publish, sell or exhibit.
1. Character rights: for example a Disney Character is owned by the Walt Disney trade mark Company.
2. Photographic rights: for example professional photography is owned by the photographer.
Stock photos: have usage agreements as set out by the Company.
Please read about ‘Associated Press Settles Copyright Lawsuit Against Obama 'Hope' Artist’

Best practice includes:
1. Drawing and painting from life,
2. Use your own photographs,
3. Use others photographs as reference only,
4. Reference a number of images to give you ideas and visual information only
5. Studies of artworks and fan art is allowed as along as students do not claim any rights (not to sign, publish, sell or exhibit).

Ebb & Flow Studio only gives advice on the ethical sale and exhibition of original artworks. Students take full responsibility for how they proceed with their own artwork pieces and study pieces if they wish to exhibit or sell.

We only refund a paid course fee in the event that the course doesn't run or for a serious medical emergency. Why: The studio is small and usually fully booked. If you book but change your mind we can't refund. Materials and equipment are purchased/prepped and we reserve your spot over new comers. Some make-up days are offered at our discretion/when available and only for duplicate classes. If you cannot make a class because you have another engagement please do not expect any compensation and do not harass teachers. If a teacher is absent we ask that you take a discount code for the next term to ensure you do not loose any of your payment, to fees and charges. If you request a refund under these circumstances then the Paypal or Square levy and material levy (if applicable) will be deducted. 

If you have a complaint or dispute or you wish to be clear about terms and agreements you need to put it into writing and address it to Dean Knibbs via the message box at the website. Class teachers reserve the right to focus on the class at hand and time after class is reserved for pack up and set up of subsequent classes, administration and other organisational duties. 

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