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Feng Shui Artist Kerry-Anne

 "Live in harmony with nature". What an amazing concept.
Nature is harmonious, beautiful, flowing and abundant. Let's start with air, it should be fresh and it should flow. Air is energy and Feng Shui is about bringing that wonderful energy into your home like a gentle breeze. 
Feng Shui brings good energy to your home and life.
Feng Shui Artist - Kerry-Anne Knibbs and Teacher of Feng Shui

What do you dream of?

On the day you were born you were wished love, health, wealth, blessings and so much more. It is good to be born into so much love and loving energy. But then we grow up and we get real,,, too real and we forget to day dream and delight in the surroundings of our life. I like to think of Feng Shui as setting the scene for day dreaming all the beautiful things you wish to bring into your life. You can have abundance, and success and love and knowledge.... and so on. That's why you came here to this earthlyplace to live a full and joyful life. 

Image by Samuel Austin
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Rose Quartz
Pink Tourmaline


Gold Topaz




Yellow Calcite


Lapis Lazuil


Image by Samuel Austin

Feng Shui Tips

If you love home decorating or you're an interior designer and you want to learn feng shui to create positive vibes for your home-life then this is the retreat for you. This Introductory Certificate to Feng Shui Is fun, social, relaxing, time out from your busy schedule. Learn about crystal placement, colours and interior styling - feng shui style. If you are craving some me time you will love this!
Enjoy lunch in the Blue Mountains and indulge in sound bath bliss, while learning to feng shui your home. 

The Golden Rules

The ancient art of Feng Shui asks us to avoid clutter, anger and loneliness. Instead create harmony, beauty, flow and function. Join a fun retreat in Blue Mountains and soon you will be creating harmony, flow and the power of attraction.

Add Crystals

Rose quartz commonly used to heal relationships and romantic experiences.
Citrine if you would like to attract more wealth in your life.
Amethysts dispell negative energy and increase positive energy.

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Oil Painting

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Artworks for Dreaming by Kerry-Anne

An intention is a thing intended, an aim or plan. In Feng Shui symbols are found in the paintings we hang.  But they are more than an intention they are an appreciation. Because as we appreciate we draw to us good energy. Examples below and many more at Art Lovers Australia.


Reiki Student's Portal

Learn Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki III as a wonderful way to elevate your energy for self or to become a practitioner or even master teacher of the system of Reiki.

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